Breakfast & Lunch Room

Breakfast & Lunch Room

Besides being a fresh bakery, we are a restaurant. We’re open every day from 8 am till 6 pm.
What better way to start your day with a good breakfast? Would you like an English breakfast or would you prefer a light start with yoghurt and fresh fruits? We serve coffee from the brand Flor de Jamaica, and our leCafet barista’s make exceptional good coffees. Challenge them! We serve lunches, and we have something on our menu for everybody.
Sandwiches, omelets, burgers as well as fresh salads. Also we have a different special every day. Don’t forget to ask our team about it!

Breakfast (8:00 – 12:00)

Roll with butter and jam €2,50
Croissant with butter and jam €2,50
Baguette with olive oil and tomato €1,00/2,00
Baguette with olive oil, tomato and serrano €2,00/4,00
Croissant with cheese or ham €3,50
Bacon sandwich €3,50
Sausage sandwich €3,50
Beans in tomato sauce on toast €3,00
Scrambled eggs on toast €4,50
Scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast €5,50
Belgian sandwich €6,95
Fresh bread with cheese, ham and fried eggs
Breakfast Baguette €6,95
With sausages, bacon and fried egg
Omelette with bacon €6,95
Fried eggs with bacon €6,95
Continental breakfast €7,50
Roll, croissant, pastry, butter, cheese, ham, jam
English breakfast €7,95
Toast or roll, beans in tomato sauce, fried egg, sausage, bacon, hashbrown, fried tomato, mushrooms
Large English breakfast €9,95
Toast or roll, beans in tomato sauce, 2 fried eggs, 2 sausages, bacon, hashbrown, fried tomato, mushrooms
Breakfast “leCafet” €13,95
Toast or roll, croissant, pastry, fried egg, selection of charcuterie, butter, jam


Glass of Cava €2,50
Fresh orange juice €2,50
Yoghurt with fresh fruit €5,95
Mixed fruit salad €5,95
Fried egg €2,00
Pimp Your Breakfast



Tea €1,25
Revolution tea €1,90
Café solo Espresso €1,50
Café cortado €1,50
Espresso with milk
Café americano €1,50
Black coffee
Café con leche €1,50
Coffee with milk
Cappuccino €2,00
Café Latte €2,00
Café Latte €2,50
special Latté with various flavours
Café Bombon €1,50
Coffee with condensed milk
Café Carajillo €2,00
Black coffee & brandy
Café Belmonte €2,50
Coffee with condensed milk and brandy
Hot Belgian chocolate with whipped cream €3,50
Hot Beverages


Banana €4,50
Strawberry €4,50
Chocolate €4,50


Ice coffee €6,50
Vanilla ice cream, coffee and whipped cream
Panaché €6,00
3 flavours of ice cream
Dame Blanche €6,50
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
Banana split €7,00
Vanilla ice cream with bananas and hot chocolate sauce
Banana surf €7,50
Banana split with eggnog
Coupe strawberries €7,50
Vanilla ice cream with fresh strawberries (season)
Coupe cherries €7,50
Vanilla ice cream with hot Amarena cherries
Whipped cream €0,50


Little red riding hood €3,50
Vanilla ice cream or strawberry ice cream with grenadine
Pipo €3,50
Vanilla ice cream with smarties and whipped cream
Miss Blanche €3,50
Vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate sauce
Childrens Ice Cream


Mokka, vanilla, banana, strawberry, chocolate €4,50


Sugar, jam or syrup €3,50
Sugar and lemon €4,95
Mikado €6,95
With vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce
Normandy €8,50
With apples and Calvados (French brandy)


Sugar €3,95
Sugar and whipped cream €4,95
Hot Amarena cherries and whipped cream €6,95
Strawberries and whipped cream (seasonal) €6,95

Lunch (12:00 – 15:00)


Croque Monsieur 3,75
Toasted sandwich with ham and cheese
Croque Madame 4,25
Toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and fried egg
Croque Hawaï 4,25
Toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and pineapple
Croque Bolognaise 5,50
Toasted sandwich with ham, cheese and bolognaise sauce
Spanish Croque 5,50
Toasted sandwich with chorizo, mozzarella and rocket salad
Belgian Sandwich 6,95
Slices of fresh bread with ham, cheese, fried eggs, lettuce, tomato
Toast “leCafet” 7,95
Multigrain toast with melted goat cheese and roasted vegetables
Spanish Omelette 6,95
Onion and potato
French Omelette 6,95
Cheese and/or ham
Omelette with bacon 6,95
Omelette “leCafet” 7,95
Bacon, mushrooms, onion, peppers, tomato, cheese
Chicken Sandwich 8,95
Slices of bread with chicken, lettuce, egg, tomato, carrot, cucumber, mayonnaise
Spaghetti Bolognaise 9,00


All burgers served with a side of chips and salad

Hamburger 6,95
Fried onion, gherkin, lettuce and tomato
Cheese Burger 7,95
Cheese, fried onion, gherkin, lettuce and tomato
Chicken Burger 7,95
Fried chickenbreast, lettuce and tomato
Spanish Burger 7,95
Hamburger with a fried egg
Sam’s Burger 8,95
Giant burger, cheddar, fried onion, gherkin, lettuce and tomato


Cheese 2,50
Ham 2,50
Ham and cheese 3,95


Cheese deluxe 3,50
Cheese, tomato, egg, lettuce, carrot, mayonnaise
Ham deluxe 3,50
Ham, tomato, egg, lettuce, carrot, mayonnaise
Egg salad 3,50
Egg, onion, mayonnaise
Dutch Sandwich 3,95
Meatcroquette, lettuce, spicy sauce
Chicken curry 3,95
Chicken in curry sauce
Préparé 3,95
Steak tartare with mayonnaise
Ham salad 3,95
Ham, gherkin in mayonnaise
North Sea Shrimps 6,95
North Sea shrimps, tomato, egg, lettuce


Tuna 4,95
Tuna, egg, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise
Club 4,95
Ham, cheese, mayonnaise, tomato, egg, lettuce
Martino 5,95
Steak tartare, martino-sauce, gherkin, onion
Club chicken 7,50
Fried chicken, tomato, egg, lettuce, mayonnaise
Mexicano Sandwich 7,50
Mexicano, onion, ketchup and mayonnaise


Smoked salmon 7,95
Smoked salmon, herbal cheese, chives, lettuce, parsley
Mozarella 7,95
Mozarella, pesto, tomato
Serrano 7,95
Serrano, tomato, mozarella, pesto
BLC 7,95
Bacon, lettuce, fried chicken, tomato, mayonnaise
Texas 8,95
Minute steak, rocket salad, fried onion, peppers
Brie 8,95
Brie, tomato, honey, nuts and raisins


Cajun chicken salad 11,95
Salad with spicy chicken
Goat cheese salad 11,95
Salad with goat cheese and serrano
Salade Niçoise 11,95
Mixed salad with tuna
French Salad 11,95
Bacon and apple in curry dressing
Salade “leCafet” 11,95
Mixed salad with a selection of Spanish specialities
Salad with salmon and calamari 11,95
Fresh green salad with smoked salmon and calamari
Caesar Salad 11,95
Iceberg salad, croutons, fried chicken
Salad with goat cheese and smoked salmon 11,95


Meatballs in tomato sauce 8,00
Chicken vol-au-vent 8,00
Belgian Stew 8,00


Mixed Salad 3,00
Bread 2,00
Chips 2,00